About us

About us

Swiss real estate company G.H. SWISS SA (Lugano, via Carlo Maderno 10) in cooperation with Italian company G.S.I.s.r.l.(Campione d’Italia, piazza Roma 7)

OFFERS Real estate in Southern SWITZERLAND, Northern Italy, enclave Campione dItalia, as well as exclusive realty in Liguria, Sardinia island, and Cote d’Azur in France.

Our companies offer help in:

  • issuance of residencies
  • bank accounts in Swiss and Italian banks
  • opening of Swiss and Italian companies and their management
  • investments
  • Italian and Swiss education for children and adults in schools and universities.
  • medical treatment in Swiss hospitals
  • tourism

Campione dItalia – an Italian enclave on the Swiss territory also knows as a «door to Switzerland» or «tax harbor».

citta_10Campione d’Italia – is a little-known, but very attractive and unbelievably beautiful Italian enclave on the Swiss territory. The biggest Casino in Europe is located there, attracting tourists from all over the world. Campione d’Italia is a place where palm trees grow the whole year and where the snow lies on the mountain peaks. With the area of 2,6 sq. km., it is surrounded with Swiss Confederation and located on Lugano Lake.

( to Lugano airport – 10 km, to Milan-Malpensa airport— 50 km, to Zurich — 227 km)

The population of Campione d’Italia is 2,500.

There is a middle school, kindergarten, tennis and soccer academies, canoe and yacht club, playgrounds, variety of restaurants, bars and entertainment malls located in the town.

In the city center there is a beach, a pier, and an equipped BBQ zone. The you can relax, sunbathe, swim in the crystal water lake, or simply go fishing.

In the surrounding forests you can go for a hick,gathering all the nature’s treasures of Switzerland, such as berries, mushrooms and chestnuts.

Campione d’Italia is a very quiet and safe town.

The demand for real estate in Campione d’Italia is constantly growing due to its limited territory and location, which makes it a profitable and reliable investment.

The ones, who acquires real estate in Campione d’Italia, will simultaneously live in Italy and Switzerland. All Swiss social services (free Swiss schools, medical treatment, Swiss driver’s license, banks) apply to the town’s territories. The condition of residency issuance in Campione d’Italia is the purchase of the real estate there.

Real estate in Campione dItalia is a right and reliable choice!

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